Vanish Old Time Radio #34

by Ben Van on September 30, 2015

Time capsules, speaking tongues, old ghosts, and the Memphis Jug Band


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Vanish Old Time Radio #33

by Ben Van on January 19, 2014

Stream dreams, Bad Trips, Louis CK, and The Dixon Brothers

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Revel in the Joia

by Ben Van on October 14, 2011

When I stop by The Strip Club Meat and Fish, Dan is usually behind the bar with a greeting and quick quip. The first time I met him he suggested that I try a drink containing Baileys and bacon whiskey. I was skeptical. I was wrong. Delicious. He’s a master of the mix – he even won best bartender of the Twin Cities a few years back.

As I enjoy my drink, he always asks about our movies and makes a few viewing suggestions of his own. Needless to say, we consider him a loyal Vaniard whether he likes it or not.

A few weeks back he threw a pack of four bottles in front of me – Joia natural soda. He tells me he created the recipes in his kitchen. Dan then combined his wicked recipes with the ingenuity of his partners Bob, Steven, and Carleton. Now Joia has arrived and distribution is growing.

I thank him for the gift and head home. Since they don’t contain caffeine, I crack one open before I retire for the evening – Black berry. Kick ass. I’m not a soda expert but I know what I like. Kick…ass.

The next day I drank all three of the other sodas. I’m not a fan of grapefruit but the Joia grapefruit soda rocks it. I even liked the coconut soda and I HATE coconut. I’m not sure how this is possible but I’ve learned to enjoy the magic instead of questioning it. I’m blown away.

Dan and his partners are definitely showing some cube with their creativity and passion. Vanish loves the fact that they’re doing the work and putting it our there for the world to enjoy. So is this a plug? Absolutely. Dan and his crew have earned it by doing their thing and producing a great experience.

So where can you pick some of this up? Currently Joia can be found at Lund’s, Byerly’s, Kowalski’s, and most of the co-ops in and around the Twin Cities, along with a generous handful of restaurants, coffee shops and delis. Check out to get the full details.

So grab a Joia soda (or 4) and taste what it’s like to show some cube.


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by Ben Van on August 30, 2011

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill’s finance minister said Britain should cut arts funding to support the war effort.

Churchill’s response: “Then what are we fighting for?”


Show some cube.



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Summertime Blues

by Ben Van on August 3, 2011

Greetings Vaniards –

You may have noticed our lack of productivity as of late. We blame the economy! Ok, it’s not the economy. We blame the Euro! Ok, it’s not the Euro. No wait! It is the Euro! Alright, it’s not. We blame the heat! Actually, that’s part of it. Summer is a crazy time for Mike and I in our pursuit to be responsible grown-ups. However, we can’t help thinking about ideas for the radio show or new movies, even while we’re busy with grown-up stuff. So we’re hoping by fall you’ll have more Vanish nonsense thrown in your face.

So thanks for checking in from time to time. In the meantime, feel free to explore our back catalogue of movies and radio shows.

If you don’t, at least check this out:

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Don’t Lose Your Moments In Time

by Ben Van on July 6, 2011

Everyone’s seen things we wouldn’t believe. Including you. You need to share them through your art. Your moments contain visuals, thoughts, emotions, words and physical feelings. Use all of them or just one of them. Feed your art.

Show some cube,

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One Favor

by Ben Van on June 29, 2011

Please read this. All of it.

Thanks Johnny. And thank you, Vaniards.


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Make a Mistake

by Ben Van on June 8, 2011

David Lynch is a genius. I love his movies although I don’t fully understand half of them. Comprehension isn’t the point. Pushing the limits of filmmaking and the subsequent viewer reaction – that’s where it’s at. As big a fan as I am, I’ve never seen Twin Peaks. Well, now I’m diving in. I was fascinated to find out that there are several moments in the series that were actually mistakes. A misunderstood line by an actor, a faulty light, a grip in the background – and Lynch loved them so much that he kept them in. I’ve already experienced a couple of them and he was absolutely right. Life is full of mistakes, and they’re usually more interesting than the script.

In Sweet Damnation, Brody is all of a sudden holding a wine glass and a beer bottle after a cut. (Casey was just transporting the wine glass for Trista between shots). Mike and I thought it was funny so we kept it. That is still one of our favorite scenes.

So make some mistakes. And show some cubes….I mean cube.


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by Ben Van on May 26, 2011

Nostalgia literally means the pain from an old wound. It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone. – Don Draper, Mad Men

I was 4 years old, going on 5. Life in the town of Forman, ND was big to a young kid but small to the rest of the world. On this very afternoon, my world was going to get much bigger. I was going to the movies for the first time.

Forman’s movie theatre only showed movies on Friday and Saturday. New movies didn’t swing around until months after the release. Except for this one – the biggest, baddest, rockin flick this side of the Mississippi!
And mom found it in her heart to let me go with some neighborhood kids and their babysitter.

We walked into a dingy but familiar array of cushioned seats. Teenagers were flirting and throwing popcorn at each other. Just when we thought it was safe, the lights went down. The subsequent trailers were getting in the way. My excitement rose to a fever pitch. And then the screen went black…then the heartbeat thumps of a baseline……….and the blackness turned to this:

The wound still pains me but I ache to return to it. Life is strange my friends. So is Flash Gordon.

Well, who wants to live forever?



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Vanish on iTunes (LINK WORKS NOW)

by Ben Van on May 13, 2011

We’re certain this is the first sign of the apocalypse. The Vanish Old Time Radio is sitting pretty in iTunes. Check it out here. The episodes and subscription is all free for you Vaniards out there. If the spirit moves you, we’d love it if you left a rating and comment. We’ll brace ourselves. Thanks again. Now check this:


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Vanish Old Time Radio #32

by Ben Van on May 2, 2011

Selfish Vanish, 12 giddies, Good-Bad-Weird, The National, E-B-A-Y and do-dads.


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Here’s Looking at You, Vaniards

by Ben Van on April 26, 2011

To the crew at Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Let us know when we need to cough.

To the ladies down at Spectrum services. Be still our beating hearts!

To our Canadian allies. Come on down and enjoy sunny Minnesota when you have a chance.

To the Mothman Professor. Our intense emotions are distorting our memory.

To the crew at The Strip Club Meat and Fish. Your delicious steaks inspire us to make movies…about steaks.

To our Vanish Old Time Radio call-ins. Thanks for the booty and not-so-booty calls.

To our Italian listeners. We’ll trade you some Grainbelt Premium for some red wine.

To the Wisconsin crew at Andis Company. My hound dog needs some biscuits!

To the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival. We concur that big screens are nice.

To the radio show sponsors. Thanks for the complementary Kazoo pants and bucket bamboo shoots.

To the Dubliner. Your popcorn and Guinness are the best thing since toaster strudel.

To our viewers at Concordia University in St. Paul. Hell, at least you’re not in Moorhead.

To the legend known as “The Dane.” The preacher did it – case closed – I’m out!

To Big Baby Titan. I appreciate your wide eyes and confused looks when we FaceTime.

To Spindrift. You should offer Mike’s solo cover of “Afternoon Delight” for the Twins 7th inning stretch.

To our secret admirer at the New Jersey Department of Transportation. We thought the flowers were lovely.

To our friends at Dennis Kirk. Ride motorcycles or die tryin.

To the French Vanish Resistance. Leave us a message in French and we’ll translate to our own liking.

To the Legends. Thanks for watching yourselves at least 3 times a week.

To the Danish 10 Gallon Gang. It’s all about respect.

To the Rock Solid crew. Don’t try to talk shop when me and Mike are talking shop!

To the Denver Dre. Why don’t you get married? Helllll yeah!

To our friend Wally. Thanks for putting a smile on Lisa’s face.

To all of you reading this post. Show some cube.

And now ladies and gentleman, the human beat box…


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Stupid Explosion Scenes Pt. II

by Ben Van on April 19, 2011

In the last Vanish Old Time Radio episode we vented our frustration with slow-mo walking scenes with explosions in the background. I believe the following clip says it better than we ever could.


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Get By With a Little Humor From Your Friends

by Ben Van on April 9, 2011

Jeff Hiller Acting Reel from Jeff Hiller on Vimeo.

Jeff Hiller is a funny guy. You may have seen a few of his videos posted on our site and you’ve probably seen him in a commercial/flick. He’s an old friend of ours and we preach his message as often as possible. He not only has the chops but he’s paid his dues. Check out his webpage at and spread the word.


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Vanish Old Time Radio #31

by Ben Van on April 5, 2011

Red State, Kazoo pants, Dead Man’s Shoes, flea markets, NIN ’95, Memphis Jug Band and meat points.


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Surprise! You’ve Been Van Dammed

by Ben Van on March 23, 2011

Last year I heard rumblings about the movie “JCVD.” It starred Jean Claude Van Damme and he played himself, obviously in the twilight of a strange career. People said it wasn’t the usual fare and he was quite good. Yeah yeah yeah. This guy was good?

So I went on with my life but then one day I ran into it at a Redbox station. Nothing else grabbed me so I forked over a dollar for it. The movie started with a vibe I wasn’t expecting and continued throughout. However, I was completely surprised halfway through the film. The following scene is a bit surreal and it doesn’t advance the story (Jean Claude being held hostage in a Belgium post office). But it makes the whole movie.

Maybe your opinion varies from mine but I thought he delivered in spades. According to Science Daily, unexpected events are more likely to be remembered than typical events. Remember the ending to “Seven?” Most people tried to forget without success. I still think about this scene from JCVD and how much I respect the filmmakers and star.

My point? The element of surprise is very sticky. No matter if your audience loves it or hates it.

So surprise us. Show some cube.


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Vanish Old Time Radio #30

March 14, 2011

Hype, icky stickies, Top 4, burger call, Beady Eyes, and Dope Blues

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To Our Russian Brothers and Sisters

March 10, 2011

The Russian Revolution will be analyzed!  Da!  Our analytics shows that Russia has some interest in the Vanish Old Time Radio. We’re flattered. We also pride ourselves on being good hosts. For all you Americans, we’ve provided the crazy woman speaking in tongues. For our comrades in India, we’ve provided Little Superstar. Now, for our [...]

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Watch Your Vanish Language

February 26, 2011

We admit we haven’t updated the Vanish Dictionary in a while. The bell tolls for new additions!  We can deliver. Since people are increasingly confused about what we’re talking about, here’s a preview: “Bucket bamboo shoots” – Munchies or snacks. “Don’t be eating a bunch of bucket bamboo shoots! You’ll ruin your dinner!” “Pests” – [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #29

February 20, 2011

Gut checks, first time callers, Valhalla Rising, the Sheiks, and Middle Class Rut

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Seth Does It Again

February 18, 2011

Another killer post from Seth Godin – Art is what we call… the thing an artist does. It’s not the medium or the oil or the price or whether it hangs on a wall or you eat it. What matters, what makes it art, is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored [...]

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Warts and All

February 16, 2011

My friend Lisa and her daughter were recently listening to the Vanish Old Time Radio show. Her daughter turned to her. “Do you love your friends?” “Yes I do,” Lisa responded. “Good. Because they are really weird.” Sounds about right. We laugh as we criticize ourselves. I can’t finish a sentence to save my life. Mike [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #28

February 8, 2011

Oscars, 7 action up, Grinderman, and Tallahatchie blues

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Cabin Fever

February 2, 2011

I found an old interview with Paul Westerberg from The Replacements. Not only do we dig his music, we also can relate to his perspective. Check out this snippet. O: Your habits sound almost Prince-like. Is there something about Minneapolis that makes people record like that? PW: There’s nothing else to do! Half of the [...]

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Transforming Words

January 17, 2011

“We are now faced with the fact, my friends, that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. Procrastination is still the thief of time. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked, and dejected with [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #27

January 16, 2011

Ghost hunters, chow mein, The Town, Southern kisses and Holly Golightly.

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Setting the Mood

January 11, 2011

Music is a big part of Vanish. I can’t write without it. Mike can’t edit without it. We’re rock’n’roll dowggies!  Even after I present a finished script to the crew and actors, I don’t feel it tells the full story. You need the beats – the vibe – the attitude – the mojo. The best [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #26

December 30, 2010

Film festival recap, Mars bubbles, Film School reality, Skippy Whippy, and A Silent Film

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Reality: The End of Writer’s Block

December 19, 2010

I was watching an interview with Jason Alexander from Seinfeld. He was reading the show’s script and he had a major problem with a scene. He approached Larry David and questioned his character’s reaction to an event in the episode. He said “This would never happen!”  Larry David responded “That happened to me…exactly how I [...]

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Off the Beaten Path

December 11, 2010

Ten years ago I was in London. Everybody raved about the theater scene and how you’d be an idiot to miss it. I complied with the mother of all productions: Les Miserables. We viewed the show from the Abraham Lincoln seats. The production was super elaborate with rotating stages, professional performers and expensive set designs. [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #25

December 3, 2010

The Return, MUFF, cheese blocks, and Louis Barbeque

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Rumbling to a Roar

December 1, 2010

Hola Vaniards – The dust hasn’t settled but our minds are made up. We couldn’t stay away from your beautiful faces. The Vanish train is rolling down the tracks again with growing momentum. The pace is slower so we can enjoy the views a bit more. Here’s the deal. Mike and I recorded a new [...]

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A Mighty Titan Arrives

November 15, 2010

Great news Vaniards!  Recently Trista and Mike welcomed a big baby boy!  Introducing…. Titan!   (Titan, Titan, Titan…) He’s so big that he arrived with some fine sideburns and he’s already signed to the Vikings practice squad as a weak-side linebacker. Watch out for the crack blocks kiddo! The world is brighter my friends!   [...]

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“Sweet Damnation” Hits the Festival Circuit

October 21, 2010

Vanish got some good news a few days ago. “Sweet Damnation” was selected to play at the 2010 Minneapolis Underground Film Festival.”  Saturday, Dec. 4 – Noon at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. New bat time, new bat channel. We’re stoked. We don’t know what to think so we’re just enjoying it. We [...]

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New Plans and a Big Thanks

August 8, 2010

Hola Vaniards, As we talked about in our last podcast, the Vanish world is changing. Essentially, our lives are filling up with other ways to show some cube. Refer to the podcast to hear more. So here’s the rundown. The website will remain live. However, making movies and updating the website will be suspended indefinitely. [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #24

August 3, 2010

New Developments and Lightnin’ takes us out.

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The Beauty of Constraints

July 28, 2010

“In the Name of the Father” has numerous memorable scenes but this one stands out. It takes place right after Gisseppe Conlan, the father of Daniel Day-Lewis’s character, dies in prison. Both are innocent and spent several years in prison together.  The constraints of prison prevent the rest of the inmates from paying their respects [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #23

July 27, 2010

Fly on the wall, Flintstone Ciggys, Cyrus, Mamie and musical confessions

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Addicted to the Unknown

July 21, 2010

At the foot of a Northern California harbor stands a monument dedicated to the men lost at sea. The list is lengthy with room for more. I visited this site several times during my stay. It feeds into the very thing I find fascinating, terrifying, motivating, and ultimately haunting – the unknown. How did these [...]

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The Power of Audio

July 16, 2010

Scene set up: Night time. I’m sitting in an open area near a cliff overlooking a Northern California harbor. The problem is I can’t see a thing. Thick fog surrounds me. It would be a peaceful scene except for one thing – a bell out in the harbor ringing every couple seconds. This one sound [...]

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Turn the Surreal Into the Reel

July 13, 2010

The road trip. It never goes as planned. When change occurs unexpectedly, the surreal experiences rise to the surface. Those moments that singe your brain. Check the pic. The site of our first breakdown. The sign happened to be laying near the spot. These situations are primed for film. The sensory overload of the surreal [...]

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Easy Riders in the Sky

July 9, 2010

Hola Vaniards, I’m taking off on a cross-country venture on my motor bike so the Vanish Old Time Radio show will be taking 2 weeks off. However, thanks to the iPhone I’ll continue my rants with a series of posts during my trip. Thanks for your support. I’ll leave you with this:

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Vanish Old Time Radio #22

July 7, 2010

Don’t call me Surely, Blue Blades, the Awful Bones, Tiger Rags, and Roy Orbison

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

July 1, 2010

I saw “Smoke” several years ago and this scene still haunts me. Or inspires me – it matters the day. Everyone can learn from Auggie and his photography project. His life’s work may seem simplistic but look a little deeper. The importance and complexity of his project shines throughout the scene. This is Auggie’s corner. [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #21

June 29, 2010

Film loss, hair cream, Freddy’s Revenge, Trouble Trouble and Tom Waits

(Sorry about the audio interference. DIY!)

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“Surely You Jest” Premiere

June 25, 2010

Thanks for checking it out! – VP

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“Surely You Jest” Releasing Tonight!

June 25, 2010

Hola Vaniards, I know we’ve surrounded our new movie in a cloud of mystery but the mystery is solved!  Tonight we will be releasing our third short film, “Surely You Jest”, right here on our website. The film is 7 minutes long. People are asking about the genre but we can’t nail it down. Actually, [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #20

June 22, 2010

48 hour filmmaking, shutter rock, the Brownies and Blind Melon

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Don’t Be Ashamed of the Junkyard

June 17, 2010

This video is killer with no filler. And that get-up is so much cooler than a brand new Fender. It’s not a slick, mass produced guitar. Rather, it’s a homegrown, junkyard ball-buster. Completely original and inspiring. Thinking about your art, are you willing to scour the scraps or dig in the dirt to find your [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #19

June 15, 2010

Film rebels, Lenny Bruce, The Messengers, Malted Milk and singing crickets

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Where is it Written?

June 10, 2010

I’m reading an oral history of one of my favorite bands, The Replacements. Good stuff. I came across this quote from lead singer Paul Westerberg: “Where is it written? Where is it written that you have to pay your dues before you make a record?” He was referring to the fact that the band was signed [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #18

June 8, 2010

Comics and film, plop plop, Mad Max, the Mississippi Sheiks, and R.E.M sleep

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Filmmaking with Leroy Jenkins

June 3, 2010

I first watched the infamous Leroy Jenkins video a month ago. I’m only 5 years late!  I can see why it’s an international phenomenon. Hell, it’s become a philosophy, similar to the “do the opposite” philosophy. It’s harmless enough but there are a few lessons in this hilarious video. To perpetuate this silly phenomenon, here’s [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #17

June 2, 2010

Film Festivals, Old Man Mose, drunken hearts, and Bucky Beaver

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Vanish Radio Update

May 31, 2010

Hola Vaniards, The recent extended weekend ironically did not produce more time for Mike and I to record the radio show. We will be a day late so look for episode #17 on Wednesday. In honor of the Vanish code, we will be falling on our swords. In the meantime , please enjoy this killer [...]

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Classism in DIY Filmmaking

May 26, 2010

The writing’s on the wall. The elephant’s in the room. Yes kids, I got a bee in my bonnet and it’s about to drive the spike. Inspiration is running rampant in the DIY world but the bullshit clouds are blocking the sun.Classism is alive and well in our little filmmaking town. I suppose it was [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #16

May 25, 2010

Dave from The Legends, nukes everywhere!, film history lessons, and Lady Day

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Addition by Subtraction

May 21, 2010

The best things are left unsaid. Silence is deafening. Terror comes from what you don’t see. Whether you call it minimalism or laziness, subtracting elements from your movie can be powerful. (And if you’re a DIY filmmaker, it’s more affordable!) For an example, let’s take a look at this scene from “Road to Perdition.”  Pay [...]

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On the Outside Looking In

May 20, 2010

Miller’s Crossing is my favorite movie. I remember the gas station where I rented it and the amazing experience that followed. By the end of my first viewing, I could explain about three of the 75 things that occurred. I was clueless. But I knew the film was seeping into my pores as I thought [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #15

May 18, 2010

Filming jokes, greasy hair, confusing trailers, Broonzy again, and Duke lives!

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Find the Sticky Piece of the Puzzle

May 13, 2010

Recently I watched the behind the scenes for Clockwork Orange. As Kubrick and his crew worked on the violent break-in and assault scene, it wasn’t working. The choreography was down and the energy was up but no spark. Kubrick asked Malcolm McDowell if he knew any songs. The only one he knew by heart was [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #14

May 11, 2010

Soundtracks, banana salads, no sh** Sherlock, Bessie! and the Passion of Peter Gabriel

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Jack of All Trades, Master of None

May 9, 2010

We got it good at Vanish. Really good. As I talk with other independent filmmakers, I realize our defined roles and responsibilities veer far from the norm. In the DIY world, many filmmakers are on their own. Whether it be lack of contacts or resources, they have to go this route. If you dig a [...]

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What’s the Story Surrounding Your Film?

May 6, 2010

If you’re a DIY filmmaker, you’ve probably seen “American Movie.” The documentary focuses on a filmmaker trying to make a short movie against all odds. This award winning feature is not focused on the story of his movie, but the story of his journey making the movie. The hook of a guy in rural Wisconsin with [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #13

May 4, 2010

Haunted houses revisited, rough puffs, Korean spaghetti westerns, Butter Beans, and Cloud Cult

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Filmmaking iPhone Apps: Acting

April 30, 2010

Ben from Vanish Productions talks about some iPhone apps for acting and finding actors. The list includes: Hollywood Helper Oblique Strategies Comment with some other ideas!

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Vanish Old Time Radio #12

April 27, 2010

Website secrets, o boy bombers, Mexican fairy tales, heavy bellies and Gogol Bordello

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Get to Know Gogol Bordello

April 25, 2010

Last night I saw Gogol Bordello for the 5th time. Leading up to the show, I wondered if there would come a time where these guys wouldn’t blow my mind. I now know that day will never arrive. I’ve seen many great bands at Red Rocks and other venues throughout my years and my five [...]

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Movies Born Out of Music

April 22, 2010

Have you ever heard a song that gives off such a visual vibe that you can actually smell the environment? Some songs have this power. I listen to music constantly, hoping to find the killer neurons. They can be the catalyst for an outburst of creativity. For our filmmaking ventures, I use music to create [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #11

April 19, 2010

Film locations, Bad Lieutenants, peaches and cream, and Pearl Jammys

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Our Man M dot Strange

April 18, 2010

Recently we discovered a filmmaker who shares many of our philosophies regarding the filmmaking world – M dot Strange. His creativity when facing filmmaking obstacles should be noted by anyone who ever dreamed of making a movie. Also, his willingness to scrap the old film distribution model is a Grade A, bona fide, sizzling prime [...]

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Our Beef With Film Festivals

April 15, 2010

Film festivals have rules. We don’t like rules. Film festivals usually require money to submit a film. We don’t like paying money to show our movies. Film festivals prevent you from releasing your movie before the festival. We don’t like preventing people from seeing our movies. Most filmmakers want to break into the business. Money [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #10

April 13, 2010

Filmmaking Resistance, technical difficulties, handy hats, and killer Lightnin’

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Get in the Arena

April 8, 2010

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #9

April 5, 2010

Kubrick trauma, creamy cigs, Fantastic Bore, and cocaine jingles

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Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down

April 1, 2010

If you’ve never seen “The Straight Story,” do so.  It’s about an old guy who drives a lawnmower several hundred miles to visit his ailing brother. Better yet, it’s based on a true story. I regularly think about the film’s simple yet compelling narrative. Recently, it popped into my mind while I was at a [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #8

March 29, 2010

Filmmaking Inspiration 101, babysitting blues, selling banditos, and the S1Ws

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Maximizing Aha Moments in Filmmaking

March 25, 2010 defines an “Aha Moment” as a sudden understanding, recognition, or resolution. Interesting, but they leave out the best part – the emotion. The only way I can describe it is a gentle head rush with a sudden surge through your muscle system. In other words, it will melt your face in a good way.  So what [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #7

March 22, 2010

On location, Breaking Bad, Big Broozin, and the sweet, primal chorus

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“Surely You Jest” – Behind the Scenes #1

March 20, 2010

Hola Vaniards!  Last night we completed our first round of shooting for our new short film “Surely You Jest.” Everyone rocked it. We’re planning on finishing up tonight. Also, look for our next Vanish Old Time Radio show to be on location! It was my first opportunity to try out the iTimeLapse app on the iPhone. Super [...]

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Gratitude is the Attitude

March 17, 2010

Thanks to Mike for having an eye for the right frames. Thanks to Trista for lighting the fire under our asses. Thanks to Dave and Rick for putting the spurs to us. Thanks to Bronson, Brandon, Kasey and Megan for showing some cube. Thanks to Shirley for having her kids and keeping her husband on [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #6

March 16, 2010

Filmmaking resources, drunk barber quartets, boring informants, Ma Rainey and The Juice To Make It Happen

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Two Tips for Movie Ideas

March 11, 2010

My dilated eyes are still buggin’ out from my recent Vegas trip. Last Saturday, we parked ourselves in front of some obscene Roman structure on the Vegas Strip. Many people (movies) were walking by, full of pleasure, pain, anger and Grade A, bonafide freakiness. It inspired me to talk about the methods I use for [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #5

March 9, 2010

Camera evolution, momma’s heat units, Oscar time, Skinny Leg Blues, and a love letter to M.I.A.

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Lost at Birth

March 4, 2010

As Mike and I were talking after recording our latest Vanish Radio segment, we realized something. We forgot to talk about the death and rebirth of our dream. Whoa, chalk one up for drama! Actually, it’s not that dramatic. When we first started Vanish, we couldn’t help wondering “What if Hollywood came calling down the road?” [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #4

March 2, 2010

DIY filmmaking process, doctor visits, walking the Wire, and the L.A. Bronx

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DIY Filmmaking iPhone Apps: Budgets

February 25, 2010

The first video in a series about DIY Filmmaking iPhone Apps. Ben talks about several apps that will help keep your film under budget, including: Film Budget Red Laser Check it!  Stay tuned for the next video.

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Vanish Old Time Radio #3

February 23, 2010

Haunted house trip exposed, relationship essentials, necklace bombs, and a cowboy’s setting sun

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Remembering a Great Cowboy

February 21, 2010

Our community lost a great one this week. LaVerne Stuve was an American original. When it came to the Old West, training horses, and living the cowboy life, he could teach you volumes. I first met Vern at our premiere for our short western, The Legends.  As the film played, he sat next to his [...]

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Mike’s Review of the Zoom H4 Audio Recorder

February 19, 2010
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Vanish Old Time Radio #2

February 17, 2010

Sweet and Low, Poppy Pete, To Kill a Bored Viewer and Diddie Wa Diddie.

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New Lessons in DIY Pre-Production

February 15, 2010

As we approach the shoot for our next short film, the lessons keep coming. Hit it and quit it. Before Casting: 1. Read the script to the director and producer. After I sent the script to Mike and Trista, they came back with some comments. Although they liked the story and script, some lines rubbed [...]

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Vanish Old Time Radio #1

February 9, 2010

Vanish 101, DIY blues, Blind Willie and a jerk named Shawn

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Why We Do It: The DIY Filmmaking Confession

February 3, 2010

It’s time to get philosophical. Vanish is driven by a force. But questions abound: What is this force? Where does it come from? Has anybody seen my gym shorts? So here they are, the reasons we do it. 1. Leave something behind. I barely know anything about my great grandfather. All I have is an [...]

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Hollywood Pitch #2

February 1, 2010

Give Me A Brake A busload of working class stars wait patiently for the trip to work. The last rider sits down and the door closes. The driver fiddles with some knobs. Passengers settle in.  The driver fiddles more violently now. Concerned passengers look to each other for answers. The drive yanks on a lever [...]

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Identity Crisis: DIY Style

January 26, 2010

I’ve searched the web from wall to wall for inspiration from the DIY world. Barely a pot to piss in. We know the reason. We’re not even DIY. God bless ya boys but we can’t relate. We immediately gloss over any blog posts involving money and/or budgets. Even the no-budget companies have budgets!  Suggestions like [...]

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Favorite Blogs for DIY Filmmaking

January 24, 2010

No use dilly dallying. Let’s get to it. 1. DIY Filmmaking Sucks Great title. So true but we do it anyway. We love the wide spectrum of the topics. Advice on everything from coaching actors to methods of distribution. Favorite posts include: Directing actors and great performances How to fund your film via the crowd Five [...]

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Hollywood Pitch #1

January 17, 2010

We’re always thinking about new movie ideas. For our own amusement, Mike and I complement our ideas with pitches that would make a Hollywood exec lose his lunch. Without further ado about nothing, here’s the first. Chinese Rock As a horrific asteroid speeds towards earth, the world turns to their only hope:  The Chinese. The [...]

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Success and Failure of a DIY Film Company

January 10, 2010

3 years baby. We’re happy considering we all have our own lives and grown-up jobs. As we focus on the future, we take a look at how it went down. Success 1. Creating from nothing. Mike and I made a pact to create everything from scratch. The stories, dialogue, camera shots, sets and musical scores [...]

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Top 5 Free Resources for Filmmakers

January 5, 2010

Nothing generates creativity like an empty piggy bank. Don’t get me wrong, it sucks not having Richie Rich as a silent partner. But limited funding gives us the excuse to use whatever the hell we get our hands on. This is where you find the fun.  So without further ado, here’s the Top 5 Free [...]

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